location: Roubaix, France
party: Piraattipuolue Finland
staff: AmindaSuomalainen (PGP: 69FF 455A 869F 9031 A691 E0F1 9939 2F62 BAE3 0723), uduntuntu (PGP: 88E7 9611 1290 C9F7 7961 B80F E883 4538 FA6D 818B, Scoffa
features: IPv4, SSL (commercial / verifiable), SASL, Tor, Yggdrasil

port: 6697 (SSL)

location: Stockholm, Sweden
party: Piratpartiet Sweden
admins: OlaN, Milliways
features: IPv4, IPv6, SSL (commercial / verifiable), SASL
ports: 6697 (SSL)

location: Sydney, Australia
party: Pirate Party Australia
admins: Fletcher, Dan
features: IPv4, IPv6, SSL (commercial / verifiable), SASL
port: 6697 (SSL)

Matrix Bridge

admin: Dhanesh (PGP: 9655 11F2 0D18 E76A 2396 D64D B69A 98C9 C164 2329)
features: Bridges all PirateIRC rooms to a federated Matrix server.
connecting: from any federated homeserver. (Unofficial list of public Matrix homeservers.)