Our data retention and privacy policy

When you provide information to PirateIRC that information will not be used for any purposes other than those described on this page. The network does not log your conversations etc and we never will. We have no intention or desire to try and profit from your use of the network.

If you an EU citizen under 16 years of age please do not register with NickServ without sponsorship of a Party.

By connecting to PirateIRC you consent that the following information may be collected when you connect or register with NickServ:

We collect this information in order to operate the network and provide essential services. Your information may be used for the following functions:

User information associated with NickServ accounts will be removed after 120 days of inactivity or when you withdraw your consent. Network operators may place a hold on this automated removal by request or if they believe that doing so is essential to maintain network security. In the event that a hold is placed you will be informed via your provided email address how long the hold will be in place and why it was initiated. If you do not register with NickServ this data is removed when you disconnect from PirateIRC.

At any time an authenticated user may use Nickserv's INFO and LISTCHANS functions to display all relevant personal information held by the network. To withdraw consent you may use Nickserv's DROP function. In the event that you have not yet created an account you have assumed to have withdrawn your consent by disconnecting from the network.

Please direct all related requests and questions to Fletcher Boyd (PGP: 5BAE 331E 9B57 3709 6E6A 19ED 85B8 D7B6 60D5 D803)